Who we are ?

The company "Tapis Bouzoubaa", established in Fez since it was created in 1973, is above all a family story, indeed, its founder, Mr. Bouzoubaa Azzeddine, who was born in a craftsmen family from the legendary Medina of  Fez, had decided, because of  his osmosis with its traditions and his own background, to launch out into the manufacture of  Moroccan traditional rugs.

Some years later, the company had began to thrive; then Mr. Bouzoubaa Azzeddine revealed himself as a pioneer by integrating new colors, new designs, new styles; in short, it was a new approach both in creation and actual production.

So the small family business became quickly, under the impulse of  its founder, a point of  reference on the local, then the national level.

Today, this family business, fitted out with a modern, integrated production process, is growing on an international scale, thanks to the dynamism of a new generation of open-minded managers, who were able to build a partnerships network in a win-win logic.